Saturday, 5 March 2011

June 23rd 2011 - Serenity Day!

On June 23rd 2006 Serenity and Firefly fans came together and each bought a copy of Serenity, in an attempt to show Universal a sequel would be profitable.

It has been nearly 5 years, and a sequel has yet to be made, despite the number of Serenity and Firefly fans accross the globe.

This year, I propose we do the same again. On June 23rd 2011 each of us should buy a copy of Serenity. If enough of us buy it on that day it might be enough to show Universal that a sequel would be profitable, and that us Browncoats aren't going anywhere!

So let's come together and do this, and show them that no power in the 'verse can stop us!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Welcome to Project Serenity

Project Serenity

Hello, and welcome! Thanks for visiting the site. If you're a fan of Firefly and the film "Serenity", you may be interested in this Project.

What is Project Serenity?
Project Serenity is a campaign for fans of Firefly and Serenity to participate in to support Joss Whedon and convince TPTB that we need a sequel to Serenity. Firefly was too short-lived and whilst Serenity was a kick-ass way of making up for it, we need more!

What can we do?
If you're interested in taking part, there are a few easy things you can do to start the campaign.

1. Follow us on Twitter
We want to get as many people as we can following us on Twitter which is a count towards how many fans want a Serenity Sequel. Once you're following be sure to tell your friends about our Twitter page and/or this website! Our Twitter Page

2. Post a comment on this blog post
Following us on Twitter will be amazing, but adding a comment on this post about why you want a Serenity sequel will be fantastic! It will show TPTB just how much the show, the characters, and Serenity, is missed!

3. Follow this Blog
If you don't have a Twitter account then follow us via Google Friend Connect (there is a link to this on the right hand side). If you do have a Twitter account you can also follow us via Google Friend Connect :)

4. Sign the Petition
Sign the petition to show that you want a Serenity sequel. It's quick, it's easy, and it takes 2 minutes. To sign the petition, click here.

5. Take a Photo
This is entirely optional, but we plan on putting a page together on this blog that shows photo's of fans around the world holding a piece of paper saying "I want a Serenity sequel". It doesn't have to be exactly like that, the more imaginative the better, but that's what we want to get accross! If you're up for doing that, email us your photos at with your name and location.

6. Link to us
If you have a website or a blog or are members of Forums etc. please add a link to us to show your support and to bring in new fans who haven't heard of Project Serenity yet!

7. Like us on Facebook
We now have a Facebook page and each person that "likes" the page counts as a supporter of Project Serenity. So please like Project Serenity - click here.

Spread the Word!

Once we have alot of Twitter followers, comments, google followers, petition signatures, and photo's, and Facebook "likes", we will try and contact TPTB and as many of the Serenity team as we can. We will give them links to this website, they will see how many followers we have on Twitter and Google, they will see the comments and the petition signatures, and they will see the many photo's taken by fans all accross the world.

We hope to think of more imaginative ways to get the word out and to convince TPTB that we need a new Serenity movie. If you think of anything please let us know, either in the comments or email at

We realise this is a big task, and something that will probably come to nothing, but there's no harm in trying. Also, if you're a Firefly and Serenity fan and you feel this is a stupid idea or that another film will ruin the goodness of what's already been made, we want to hear from you too. We understand not all fans want a sequel, but there are a lot that do.

What have we got to lose?